Cosplay Craziness on Pinterest

Hey guys, a few weeks ago I told y'all that I made a Pinterest Board for Fangirl World, which is super rad. I just created a new board called Cosplay Craziness that I thought you might enjoy as well! I don't cosplay but I'm sure thinking about it lately, and the images I'm finding range from awesome to humorous to inspiring. Check it out on Pinterest. Here's a preview:


AvX #6, Infinite


Well, the Phoenix Force came. Iron Man's Phoenix killer suit, meant to prevent once X-Man becoming the Phoenix, accidentally split the energy up and now there are 5 Phoenixes. Oopsie! But Cyclops and crew are making the world great with all the new fiery psychic powers. I seriously can't wrap my head around why Cap and the puny humans are screwing with them so much! Random panels:

(Infinite) The only one who's on the same page as me seems to be Beast!


Quick beef: Cyclops creates a talking pile of moon dust that looks like Jean to talk to. (Lonely much?) Moon Jean mentions that Cyclops is using the powers logically while when she wielded it, her emotions got out of control. Yes, we get it, men are logical and capable of creating Utopia with the Phoenix force while us lil women reign destruction, what with our wacky hormones and being on the rag all the time. Hey you crazy feminist, stop reading so deep into it and playing the gender card! FINE. But think about it.

"Found expression through my emotions ... made them so huge there was no room for, grief, love."

Er, are joy, grief and love not emotions?

ANYWAY I like the idea of multiple Phoneixes. Want more Prof X!


Bad Dads

Happy Father's Day! Here's a little list of the most dreadful dads in geek culture- so call up Pops and wish him a Happy Father's Day, at least you're not stuck with one of the abominable ancestors on this countdown!

5. Bowser

Bowser sure has a lot of kids and while at first glance it might not seem so bad (he's put them all up in castles at least!) really he's just using them for his own purposes- to foil that blasted Mario. (Oh, and uh, Luigi too I guess.) Every one of his kids is as rotten and crazy as he is, and they are nothing but cannon fodder to prevent Mario from reaching the Princess. 

4. Norman Osborn

Better known as the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn becomes a super villian to go after his son's best friend. Ouch, dad. Besides being neglectful and mean, he screws up Harry to the point that after his death, Harry takes on the Green Goblin persona, turning against his long time friend in a never ending quest to gain the approval Daddy never gave him.


3. Firelord Ozai

Another power hungry villian, Ozai kills his own father (not like he was father of the year either) and lets Wifey take the fall. Then he picks a fight with his son, Zuko, who begs for forgiveness and is rewarded with some fire to the face, leaving him scarred forever, physically and emotionally.

2. Darth Vader

Because his kids didn't know they were his kids, they made out with each other. If that's not bad enough, he blows up his daughter's home planet and cuts off his son's hand. Luke rather risk what looks like certain death than join Darth on the Dark Side in the most famous father-son scene of all time!

1. Magneto

Magneto is at the top of my list because no matter the universe or reboot, he's always a horrible father, basically making slaves out of his children, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. His degrading attitude and thirst for power lead his children's mental breakdowns over and over again.

Indeed, his crappy daddy skills are basically to blame for the current situation going on in AvX, since Scarlet Witch depowered 90% of mutants because of the twisted lessons Magneto taught about mutant superiority.  He may play the good guy now, but Magneto is Fangirl World's #1 Bad Dad!

10 Alt Art Zoidbergs, Just 'Cuz


Comic Shop Tour: Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

Red Bank, NJ
A mecca for any comic book fan, Kevin Smith's comic shop sits in the beautiful borough of Red Bank, New Jersey. (Yes, I just used "Beautiful" and "New Jersey" in the same sentence.) For enthusiasts of Kevin Smith's flms, the shop is unmistakeable even without the large depiction of Jay and Silent Bob on the store front!

I'm not even supposed to be here today!
Inside is a great collection of new issues, back issues and graphic novels, some even signed by Kevin Smith himself, like the first issue of Batman: Cacophony that I picked up while I was there.

New issues!
Comic book heaven!
What separates this store from other comic shops is Kevin Smith's devotion to his fans, who will be delighted by all of the references and paraphernalia from his movies that can be found all around the shop. From costumes to scripts to a large Mooby, this is the place to revel in Kevin Smith-ness. For folks like myself that still spend a good majority of the time quoting Clerks, I highly recommend the trip to this awesome shop owned by a true super hero of film and comic books!

Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?
Costumes from Clerks II
Doesn't it... pop?
Oh sweet Bovine, our lives to you we vow!
I didn't take pictures of my considerably smaller haul at Secret Stash, but I grabbed the V for Vendetta graphic novel, a Beserker shirt that I am completely in love with, the signed Batman comic I mentioned AND in the back issue boxes I was able to find The Avengers #88, written by my favorite Sci-Fi author, Harlan Ellison. Only a few more to go before I have all of the Marvel comics he wrote!


Comic Shop Tour: Dragon's Den

Poughkeepsie, NY
Comic book shop? Yeah, that too. They've got comics alright, all the current issues, recent back issues, back issues, graphic novel collections, ET CETERA. Don't forget the dollar box- sorry, folks, that's as low as it goes! Dragon's Den is, well, the Dragon's Den because nerds be playing Dungeons and Dragons- and Magic, and Yu-Gi-Oh, and whatever else you kids are into these days!

Too busy for a girlfriend; you've got D&D!

Come gather ye geeks, where ever ye roam...
Ok Ok, back to the comics. Dragon's den is a nicely sized shop with a ton of cool stuff from comics to busts and figures. I spent a long time just gazing at the new releases before poking around at the graphic novels, where I grabbed the first volume of Sandman and The Walking Dead. Then, the dollar boxes, hurrah! Let's dig the haul:

The Haul from Dragon's Den

They had a great buy one get one special on select graphic novels and comics. I found these comic book versions of classic literary stories like Rip Van Winkle, Fall of the House of Usher and The Jungle, all adapted by different authors and artists. Mike had a particularly cool find; an Avengers variant cover we assumed was in a sketch style- but when we took it out of the bag we realized it's an actual sketch on the cover; you can see the smudging in parts of the face and the shininess of the permanent marker.

An artist's drawing found in the dollar box!
My other favorite finds are a Swamp Thing featuring Batman, the Amazing Spider-Man with President Obama and a very silly looking comic called The Governator drawn by a particularly kind artist!

Alan Moore!
I've always wanted this comic!
Get to the comic!
The staff are always super friendly too. I love this rad shop and I wish it was slightly closer, though really the drive down 9 isn't so bad, especially when I can hit Alto Music on the way back and spend more money!