Combining two forms of awesomeness into one,
Mari Kasurinen has created these awesome movie inspired My Little Ponies! Ponies include Batman and Robin (featured), Star Wars characters like Hans Solo and Slave Leia (featured), Skeletor and He-Man and MORE! CHECK THEM OUT!


Cool Mario Graffiti!

Check out this Mario graffiti- the supplies at the bottom would lead me to believe it was done with that one square stencil and multiple colors- RAD! My fiancee has been making stencils lately and we'll have to come up with some good nerdy ones!

Hope you're not sick of Comic Book Movies, True Believers!

Marvel has plans to hire a slew of writers for upcoming comic book films- Characters like Cable, Black Panther, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange have been mentioned for possible movies. Check out more information HERE or comment about it HERE!


Toyfare Talks VENTURE!

ToyFare has some awesome info on The Venture Bros including super secret sketches, the lowdown on how the series got started and even talk of Venture Bros action figures! This show is one of the best cartoons on television- another great [adult swim] classic.


Spider Man to the Rescue

"It was reportedly his first day at the special needs school.

Efforts by the teachers to convince the pupil back inside had failed.

But a remark by his mother about his passion for comic superheroes prompted fireman Somchai Yoosabai to rush back to the station, where he kept a Spider-Man costume in his locker.

The sight of Mr Yoosabai dressed as Spider-Man and holding a glass of juice for him, brought a big smile to the boy's face, and he promptly threw himself into the arms of his "superhero", police said"

Find out more HERE!


The Art of Wolverine

Marvel is celebrating "Wolverine Appreciation Month" (the 35th Anniversary of Wolvie as well as the upcoming release of Wolverine: Origins) with sweet variant covers depicting Wolverine a la Fine Art!

"'This is a huge year for Wolverine as he proves why he’s arguably one of the most popular characters in the world,” explained Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief. “He’s not just popular with fans but also with artists, as evidenced by how many of today’s top comic artists jockey for a chance to draw him. This got us thinking: what if Wolverine had been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years? What great, classic artists would want a crack at drawing a Wolverine cover?'"

You can see more of this awesome art HERE and HERE!


20 craziest Ninja Turtle Cohorts!

This hilarious Toyfare article is all about the weirdest, ugliest and damn craziest Ninja Turtle characters you've probably never heard of! A must see for any TMNT fan. Check it out here and tell me what you think!


DigitalSoaps makes all kinds of gamer based awesomeness you can rub on your body! "I've been obsessed with finding quality, great ingredient soaps. I found a high quality source of soap base and have now combined two interests: A love of all things geeky and a love of being clean.
The soap bases I use are natural - No animal products, animal testing, detergents, sulfates or sugar solutions. " Win!


has these super awesome pins on their Etsy shop- "RESCUED! buttons are taken from actual comic books (and the like), carefully chosen from only the most lonely and forgotten titles. Saved from the bowels of immense collections and hidden shops, these button breathe new life into words and images that would have been lost forever!"

What a great idea, I love it!


R.I.P Jose “Pepe” Gonzalez

"Gonzalez is best known for his work on Vampirella. Starting with Vampirella #12 in 1971 and together with Archive Goodwin, Gonzalez created horror classics that have stood the test of time as some of the finest examples of the comics medium. His work was thrilling, sensuous and beautiful. He brought the character to life, elevated her to an icon and, most deservedly, won over a legion of fans who have never forgotten him. To this day, many would say his was the definitive rendition of the character."

I loved Vampirella, it was one of the first comic book characters I remember really liking and drawing myself. Thank you for your beautiful art, Mr. Gonzalez! More here.


Will there be a Marvel MMO? No- there will be MANY, apparently! "Having tried once - and failed - to get an MMO based on their characters off the ground, Marvel have now turned to Gazillion to develop a number of MMOs over a ten year period, with the first game, based off Marvel's Super Hero Squad, due next year."



Portal was such an awesome game, and Geek Toys is selling this sweet companion cube charm! It's so detailed and kickass!

Alan Moore refuses Watchmen Money

Not that I'm surprised, but Alan Moore is refusing the royalties for the Watchmen movie.

"The 55-year-old author says he wants nothing to do with the film because his story, published in 1986, is not suited to the big screen. He said: ‘It was designed to exploit all the things that comic books can do and no other medium can.’"

More Here.

Nerds are Sexy!

Check out these sexy garters with a geeky twist! They are made by Etsy user Kizette!