Zombie Pin-ups!

Sex and Violence FTW.


A la GeekGirlDiva and Entertainment Earth, DIG on this "Talking Tina" of Twilight Zone fame Bobble Head! That's one of my favorite episodes and the reason many of us have stayed the hell away from dolls!


Fangirl Crush: Noel Fielding

Mmm. I'm always hesitant about [adultswim]'s non-cartoon shows especially considering the monstrosity of Tim and Eric...but the more I watch The Mighty Boosh, the funnier it gets- and the more I notice Noel Fielding, a.k.a Vince - he's a cutie, in that super British, sorta feminine way & face it- geek girls are attracted to funny guys. It's in our DNA. It's science; you can't argue with science.


Solve this Sandwich

Awesome and NOMTASTIC.


Kevin Smith on Comic Con

Well, I can't be at Comic-Con, and every time I go on Twitter and see everyone's cool tweets about how awesome it is I get insanely jealous. Even NPR is getting in on the geeky goodness by interviewing one of my heroes, Kevin Smith, to "find out what draws so many to Comic-Con." Check it out!


Marc Ecko + Halo = Awesome

What do you think of these sweet Mark Ecko Halo threads?


"Babes" of Yesteryear gives us a trip down memory lane and shows us all the "Hot Babes" of old school games- they sure look a little, uh, different than we remember...


Geekerific USB Drives

A few months ago my boss asked me where the floppy disks were. Seriously. FLOPPY DISKS?!? Who does that? Time for an upgrade! Here are some of my favorite USB drives: