Best and Worst Comic Book Films of the Decade (according to Mario's blog)

Super awesome Mario Anima put together his list of the best and worst comic book movies of the freaking DECADE! I would have liked to see Sin City and IronMan higher- what about you? Check out the list and tell him what you think!


Mario Recreated In Petri Dish

"In the name of science and awesome, researchers from the University of Osaka in Japan created this Mario in a petri dish. How?

By genetically engineering bacteria to express fluorescent proteins and carotenoid pigments. The result?

Mario from Super Mario Bros. "


Hello Kitty Vibrat- err uh, "Shoulder Massager"...

Say Hello to your Kitty with "the mythical Hello Kitty vibrating shoulder massager." LOL.

The Science of Avatar

"Frommer, a linguistics specialist, was brought in by "Avatar" writer-director James Cameron to create an entire functioning language for the tribe of 10-foot-tall blue aliens who inhabit Pandora, the setting for the film's conflict."

Now THAT is attention to detail that nerds will be applauding! From what I've heard, they also payed attention to the environment, thinking about what type of plants and animals would thrive in their habitat and why...if anyone has any links about that I'd love to see 'em!

What do you think- are you excited about Avatar, or is there too much hype?


"Barack Obama is Washington's Mr. Spock"

What say you, Trekkies? MSNBC reports

"He shows a fascination with science, an all-too deliberate decision-making demeanor, an adherence to logic and some pretty, ahem, prominent ears.

They all add up to a quite logical conclusion, at least for "Star Trek" fans: Barack Obama is Washington's Mr. Spock, the chief science officer for the ship of state.

"I guess it's somewhat unusual for a politician to be so precise, logical, in his thought process," actor Leonard Nimoy, who has portrayed Spock for more than 40 years, told The Associated Press in an e-mail interview. "The comparison to Spock is, in my opinion, a compliment to him and to the character."

Ninja Absassin


Periodic Table... of Cupcakes