Best and Worst Comic Book Films of the Decade (according to Mario's blog)

Super awesome Mario Anima put together his list of the best and worst comic book movies of the freaking DECADE! I would have liked to see Sin City and IronMan higher- what about you? Check out the list and tell him what you think!


Mario Recreated In Petri Dish

"In the name of science and awesome, researchers from the University of Osaka in Japan created this Mario in a petri dish. How?

By genetically engineering bacteria to express fluorescent proteins and carotenoid pigments. The result?

Mario from Super Mario Bros. "


Hello Kitty Vibrat- err uh, "Shoulder Massager"...

Say Hello to your Kitty with "the mythical Hello Kitty vibrating shoulder massager." LOL.

The Science of Avatar

"Frommer, a linguistics specialist, was brought in by "Avatar" writer-director James Cameron to create an entire functioning language for the tribe of 10-foot-tall blue aliens who inhabit Pandora, the setting for the film's conflict."

Now THAT is attention to detail that nerds will be applauding! From what I've heard, they also payed attention to the environment, thinking about what type of plants and animals would thrive in their habitat and why...if anyone has any links about that I'd love to see 'em!

What do you think- are you excited about Avatar, or is there too much hype?


"Barack Obama is Washington's Mr. Spock"

What say you, Trekkies? MSNBC reports

"He shows a fascination with science, an all-too deliberate decision-making demeanor, an adherence to logic and some pretty, ahem, prominent ears.

They all add up to a quite logical conclusion, at least for "Star Trek" fans: Barack Obama is Washington's Mr. Spock, the chief science officer for the ship of state.

"I guess it's somewhat unusual for a politician to be so precise, logical, in his thought process," actor Leonard Nimoy, who has portrayed Spock for more than 40 years, told The Associated Press in an e-mail interview. "The comparison to Spock is, in my opinion, a compliment to him and to the character."

Ninja Absassin


Periodic Table... of Cupcakes



Nerds get Nudie for Moola

Trying to "dispel the notion of Internet entrepreneurs as being “unattractive geeks”, London Tech is making a Naked Geek calendar and giving the money the make to a charity in India.

Naked People + Philanthropy = Win!

Picasso Super Heroes

Disney buys Marvel Entertainment!

"The Walt Disney Co. says it is acquiring Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock, bringing characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man into the Disney family."

Ponyo On A Boat


Geek Garden WIN

Forget garden gnomes and pinwheels- these Fangirl approved alternatives belong in every geek's garden.


Wonder Woman Sneakers!

Stronger than Hercules, more beautiful than Aphrodite...



'Til Undeath Do We Part

Do Want? Yes. Would my mother kill me? Double Yes.



Too Awesome.


R.I.P John Hughes

Filmmaker John Hughes has tragically died from a heart attack at the age of 59. He gave us greats like Weird Science, The Breakfast Club and my personal favorite, Ferris Buller's Day Off. Geek Tyrant has a great collection of videos and clips from some of his movies that will get your nostalgia going and Ellen Fox of The Rotten Tomato show asks what YOU'VE learned from his films on

R.I.P Mr. Hughes, you gave the world many wonderful gifts and your films will live on in the hearts of those who were touched by them!

Great Geek Groups on

As you may know I'm a contributing community member and all around LOVER of - our community is one of the best out there and now, they've added a feature that let's members make their OWN groups! This is my list of the greatest in geekery! Check them out, join a few, maybe you'll even be inspired to create your own!

- "Important and inspiring news, apps, people, gadgets, events, geeky content... all tech, all the time!"

Gaming - "Up-to-the minute video game news stories, interesting or unique editorial features about the culture of gaming, and gaming-related video -- teasers, webcam reviews, walkthroughs, and even machinima."

Otaku -"A veritable bento box of movies, comics, anime, TV shows, science, tech and culture all hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun. Pantsu!"

Gadgets - All about the "technological object that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty."

DomesticGeeks - "All things related to glorious domesticity. Cooking, housewares, home decor, kitchen gadgets, cleaning tips and more!"

SF&F and Comics - "Movies, Literature, Cons, and anything else to do with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community!"

Geek Out Culture
- "Nothing but geek awesomeness permeating our culture!"

Operating Systems - "A group devoted to all things related to the Mac, Windows, and *Nix Operating Systems."

Science (my group!) - "Science is the effort to discover and increase human understanding of how reality works."

Robots - "A group about robots" (lol)

The Future - "Flying cars? Robots? A summer house on Mars? What will The Future hold for humanity?"

Check 'em out and let me know what you think!


Zombie Pin-ups!

Sex and Violence FTW.


A la GeekGirlDiva and Entertainment Earth, DIG on this "Talking Tina" of Twilight Zone fame Bobble Head! That's one of my favorite episodes and the reason many of us have stayed the hell away from dolls!


Fangirl Crush: Noel Fielding

Mmm. I'm always hesitant about [adultswim]'s non-cartoon shows especially considering the monstrosity of Tim and Eric...but the more I watch The Mighty Boosh, the funnier it gets- and the more I notice Noel Fielding, a.k.a Vince - he's a cutie, in that super British, sorta feminine way & face it- geek girls are attracted to funny guys. It's in our DNA. It's science; you can't argue with science.


Solve this Sandwich

Awesome and NOMTASTIC.


Kevin Smith on Comic Con

Well, I can't be at Comic-Con, and every time I go on Twitter and see everyone's cool tweets about how awesome it is I get insanely jealous. Even NPR is getting in on the geeky goodness by interviewing one of my heroes, Kevin Smith, to "find out what draws so many to Comic-Con." Check it out!


Marc Ecko + Halo = Awesome

What do you think of these sweet Mark Ecko Halo threads?


"Babes" of Yesteryear gives us a trip down memory lane and shows us all the "Hot Babes" of old school games- they sure look a little, uh, different than we remember...


Geekerific USB Drives

A few months ago my boss asked me where the floppy disks were. Seriously. FLOPPY DISKS?!? Who does that? Time for an upgrade! Here are some of my favorite USB drives:


Superheros Past their Prime

Italian artist Donald Soffritti gives us a glimpse into the future of our favorite super heros!

More Girls Gaming!

"Hey, lady gamers: your ranks are increasing. A study by the NPD Group has revealed that the number of female console gamers is on the rise, reaching 28% of the console userbase earlier this year"


Bastardi Senzagloria

Reblogged from Geek Tyrant, here's a look at an Italian poster for Inglorious Bastards, the new Tarantino flick. It looks sweeeeeet. What do you think?

Wii-habilitation & Doctor Training!

"The popular Nintendo Wii console offers video games that venture into the world of exercise, but scientists now are taking it further, to help doctors heal the body.

Playing with the Wii could help surgeons in training improve their fine motor skills and performance in a surgical simulator. Eight trainees were asked to play the Wii for an hour before performing virtual laparoscopic surgery with a tool that simulates a patient's body and tracks the surgeon's movements as he or she operates.

The Wii-playing residents scored 48 percent higher than others without the warm-up with the Wii, working faster and more accurately.

The Wii is also helping patients with Parkinson's disease gain or maintain their independence with physical activities. Occupational therapists at Medical College of Georgia are using the console with patients to help them exercise.

"One of the therapists uses the Wii for timing and loosening up, and the other uses it for coordination and balance issues," said researcher Ben Herz. "These therapists are thinking way out of the box. They're doing activities that will make a difference in these participants' lives based on what we know about Parkinson's."

Who knew the Wii would have so many real life applications? Read more about it!


Top 20 Modern Anime, Part III

Mike Sheridan = Otaku Kickassery- that's why he's back with Part III of his Anime list!

So we’re nearing the end. The following anime are the next to the last five series on the list. I must admit, it’s becoming difficult to narrow down the series. Along with the final five, the next post will contain a list of honorable mentions and runners up, which, depending on personal preference could have easily ended up on this top 20 list. I’m watching Berserk and Ergo Proxy as suggested by others, so if you have any suggestions, now is the time. In addition, I realize the series listed are fairly heavy, I’ll most definitely have a comedy or two on the last installment. I want to thank the hundreds of people who have followed this column and I hope you follow it till the end.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is many things; melodramatic, fan service ridden, and sometimes convoluted. However, with that said, Code Geass is intensely epic. The series contains grand battles, dramatic monologues, a riveting plot and beautiful character designs. But what sets Code Geass apart is its main character, Lelouch vi Britannia. Lelouch is the consummate Byronic-hero, consequently, he’s vastly different than other anime protagonists. Furthermore, Geass prompts an important question, and that is “can the ends justify the means?” Whatever your answer is Goro Taniguchi’s Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is epic, must see material.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

The 26 episode anime series Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad isn’t like other series. Beck doesn’t contain giant robots, knights, grand fight scenes, senseless fan service or an unbelievable plot. Beck is simply a slice of life anime about a group of musicians who struggle to make it to the big time. The main character Koyuki is not overly amazing, nor fantastic. The cast is well developed and emotional undertones are conveyed wonderfully. Beck features an appropriate soundtrack, a good, original plot and a great dub cast. If you’re remotely interested in music or just like anime in general, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is the series for you.

The Twelve Kingdoms

Based of off the exceptional light novels of the same name, The Twelve Kingdoms deserves to represent the fantasy-based anime genre. The series contains Chinese mythology, a strong cast and a well developed land with an intricate political system. In addition, The Twelve Kingdoms is exceptionally beautiful, with some of the nicest hand drawn scenes I’ve scene to date. The Twelve Kingdoms is simply wonderful, with intense fight scenes, a politically charged plot and beautiful designs it’s certainly one of the best fantasy series in that anime has to offer.


Often written-off as an Evangelion copy-cat Rah-Xephon is generally overlooked and under appreciated. Though similarities are present between the series, they’re significantly different. The series is essentially a story of love, a somewhat tragic story at that. Rah-Xephon’s main character, Ayato Kamina, develops considerably throughout, he slowly matures and realizes that he must accept his origins and face his responsibilities. Xephon features good artwork (exceptional animation for it’s time, re; 2001) an emotional/compelling/dramatic plot and some fascinating Mayan/Aztec mythology. If you want to watch an under appreciated, fantastic, yet heavy mecha series, Rah-Xephon is for you.

Death Note

Death Note is the famous series that chronicles the battle of wits between Kira Yagami and L. The series features dark, moody animation, a set of interesting characters (many of whom have their quirks) and an intensely riveting plot. In addition, Death Note boasts some great opening animation and songs. Behind all of the stylized action of Death Note is a philosophical thought provoking series?. Can the world be truly rid of evil? Is wiping out criminals and innocents worth a world that’s more peaceful? Death Note, the anime, is not as good as the manga, and has it’s short comings, however it most certainly deserves to rank among the best modern anime series.

What do you think of this list? Let us know!


Stained Glass Geekery!

Stained Glass has gone to the nerds...and it's kickass! I couldn't believe all of these awesome stained glass pieces found on Deputy Dog! Which one is your favorite?