A few of my favorite pics from the 2012 New York Comic Con!


NYCC 2012


See you there! Pics and awesomeness to come!


Pins of the Week

My favorite recent pins from the Fangirl Board!

Christmas Gifts this year? Nerdy crosstitchings. This Futurama goodness was the descicion maker!

This chair is the epitome of Fangirl style- elegantly awesome.

 Love these vintage onomatopoeia blocks! At $12 I might treat myself to an early Christmas gift ...


Cats in Costumes

I posted this on the Facebook Page and was very pleased with the response it got. Something about it makes me undeniably happy, like rainbows exploding in my heart.

So now we all get more cats in nerdy costumes. Enjoy!


Fangirl 'O' Ween

Halloween is the best! Here's my nerdy ode to a classic in a short how-to!

Step One: Aquire a Pumpkin! Mine is from local Saligner's Orchard!

Step Two: Cut the top off of the Pumpkin and rip it's pumpkin guts out. Get a disturbing amount of joy from this process.

Step Three: Use awesome comic book cover as inspiration for carving. I tried to force my cat into the full recreation but it's a well kept secret that cats don't always abide by their master's whims.

What do you think?