Craft Club at my job the other day, here are a few of the things we made!

This picture frame is from a Quasar comic book- the word Quasar is something of an inside joke between my husband and I that means I Love You. You can go throw up rainbows now.

Here's a box a fellow co-worker made, The Juggernaut Box!

Stuff + Mod Podge + Comic books = FUN TIMES!

Superman, Bean Champ


Pokemon Superheroes

Golden Age Catwoman Style

I was talking to some friends about NYC Comic Con this year and everyone has decided to do Batman Villains so we can run around finding random Batmen to torment. Sounds rad!

Unbelievably, no one had picked Catwoman yet, so it's up to me, folks! But of course I want to do something a little different, and with my love of Golden Age comics and vintage styles, I was thinking about going in this direction!

For now, enjoy this collection of Golden Age Costumed Catwoman Alt Art and tell me if you have any good costume ideas!