Stand Back, Boys

Black History in Comic Books

Black History... as told in comic books!

The Montgomery Story, 1956

Chronicles the life of Martin Luther King Jr and the African American civil rights movement.

Lobo, 1965

Lobo is generally recognized as the first black comic book character. The creator is quoted on Wikipedia as saying

"They stopped production on the issue. They discovered that as they were sending out bundles of comics out to the distributors [that] they were being returned unopened. And I couldn't figure out why. So they sniffed around, scouted around and discovered [that many sellers] were opposed to Lobo, who was the first black Western hero. That was the end of the book."

Fantastic Four #52, 1966

The first appearence of The Black Panther -African King and first black mainstream SuperHero!

Golden Legacy Series, 1967-70's

Each of the 16 comics of the Golden Legacy series tells either the story of an inspirational person, such as Fredrick Douglas (Parts One AND Two!) or cultural history, like "Black Cowboys" (is Lobo included?) and "Ancient African Kingdoms."

Black History for Beginners, 1985

Part of a "For Beginners" series, Black History for Beginners is an illustrated look guessed it! Black History!

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What If ... Spider-Man was an abuse victim?

Watch out, True Believers! In this action packed cross over between Marvel and the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, Spider-Man faces his greatest foe yet: his dark secret of childhood sexual abuse!

I guess holding a boy against your spandex clad body as you swing around the city is in no way creepy or weird...

Some tips from your friendly neighborhood sexual abuse preventer!

Update: Spidey's not the only one! HULK SMASH!

Images thanks to one of my very favorite interweb locations, Comics with Problems.